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For many years sport-loving gamblers have intensified the joy and despair of watching their favourite games by placing a bet or two, but with the number of markets these days, and the companies competing for your cash by offering a wide range of bonuses for having a flutter with them there has never been a better time to get involved. There’s nothing like settling down to watch your favourite team play as it is, be that Manchester United or Milan, but now with accumulators, in-play and hundreds of markets the game can be even more exciting .

In the States it’s always been good fun to have a flutter on the seasonal sports, but the boom in internet betting and the rise of a number of UK companies has made online football betting a phenomenal success across Europe and into Asia, and the USA are starting to catch up on what all the hype is about. New customers have no need to be worried about tough technicalities as every site makes it easy to find out the best odds and who is fancied, so you can really jump right in and get started whenever you feel like it.

Regardless of who you bet with, all the large companies offer free credit, extra bets and the like when you sign over your details, and to keep you as a customer they will continue to offer bonus bets and refunds on certain situations, as well as running extensive tips and information about upcoming tournaments, matches and the like. Most of them will give you money to gamble simply for joining up, so you can even have a little risk-free test run to see how it works at their expense before committing your own pennies to the cause, which is great for the first-timer in the world of football. When you’re new to the world of sports betting, it can seem a little daunting, but after one or two bets on the weekend football games, or perhaps the midweek horse racing, you’ll soon find yourself fully immersed in the thrilling and exciting online gambling world!

Don’t worry if you have never bet on football before, with so many new sports bets free being placed every week, online bookmakers have made it as easy as 1-2-3 to places your bets and with the lure of free bets online, you can now enjoy a what you love that little bit more! Below are best online bookmakers that you can trust and will find the best odds.

Bookmaker Review Free Bet and Bonus Information
logo bet365 Sports Betting Bet 365 Up to $200 Free Bonus | Great Football Odds | Euro Football Bonus
  betfair Logo02 Sports Betting     Betfair     Receive a £30 Free Bet | Clean Design | Caters to UK Market  
  william hill logo Sports Betting     William Hill     Receive a £25 Free Bet | Great Support | 70 Years Experience  
  Unibet 400 300 Sports Betting     Unibet     Receive a £20 Free Bet | Excellent Reputation | No Juice on Sports  
  victorchandler Logo Sports Betting     VC Bet     Receive a £25 Free Bet | Most Professional | Classy  

The betting sites listed in the table above are our top recommendations for football betting and were chosen following extensive research of all the free bets and bonuses currently available on the web.

There is really something for everything in terms of stakes, too, and with the online balance transfers being instant you can quickly chuck a couple of dollars on a game if it catches your eye, or spend a bit of time trying to get a bit more value for your money .With accumulators, for example, you can stake a tiny sum on a series of games across the continent, with odds offered on many major leagues, and the potential rewards for a success are spectacular. Of course, for the traditionalist there is always the insurance of betting against your team, so if they lose you can at least drown your sorrows.

Signing up for an account with a big bookmaker like William Hill or Bet365 today gives you access not just to the best odds, but a wide range of sporting action. Many betting websites now let you stream live football, and some even offer a service unlimited by account balance or recent bets where you simply click the icon by any of the live in-play coupons to be whisked instantly to that match. Others require you to bet on a game to watch it, but the range of matches available is far superior to most TV packages.

This streaming service is also a massive bonus when it comes to the in-play markets, which are many and varied for every match. You can gamble on anything from the number of corners, cards or goals to when goals will be scored and who will score them as the match is played, and even bet on the result at pretty much any point. Being able to see the game you’re betting on means you can get a far better idea of who will be next to grab a goal or get on the wrong side of the referee, and it also obviously means you can keep abreast of a number of matches for the accumulators.

We’ve even done some of the work for you, as you can see with the bookmakers listed being the best around for all the odds, markets and games. We’ve compiled this list following extensive research of the free bets and bonuses available on the web, in combination with our love of the game and own experience, and we hope it’s helpful in making football more profitable and enjoyable for the fans. We’ll be updating this page regularly, so be sure to check back in soon and see what the latest news is.

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