Sagna Injury Signals Bleak Euro 2012 Outlook

May 6, 2012

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Sagna Injury Signals Bleak Euro 2012 Outlook

During the 10 minute mark Arsenal fans held their breath. Not because they needed Sagna to finish strongly against mediocre Norwich City, but for the pain and agony that he has occurred during the 2011-2012 season.

For in one moment, the full-back was set to represent his native France in the upcoming Euro 2012 tournament and help Arsenal compete in the Champions League 2013. And the next moment he is wondering what we all are wondering: How much pain can one French full-back withstand anyway?

If you’re Arsenal, you’re not that worried about being able to fill his roster spot; with enough money any amount of talent can be bought. But for the sake of the die hard fans who witnessed his last injury, then come back strong this January only to have a broken fibula the second to last match of the season it all must seem unfair. Sagna’s injury occurred on the same leg as his old injury and I would expect the Arsenal Doctor to be much more hesistant this go around before letting him set foot on the field again.

Arsenal has until September to find a replacement full-back for Sagna until their first match for the Champions League but only until mid August until the 2012-2013 EPL starts up again.

France on the other hand for Euro 2012 would not be so lucky–they are only days away from their first match at Euro 2012. Fortunately they still have plenty of talent to choose from but none as good Sagna. Look for the France betting lines for the Euro 2012 to possibly take a plunge in the next few days. If that happens, take the chance to make a bet that will make the odds in your favor.

For Sagna, his leg might never heal to full strength again as it has been less than 5 months since his return. After months of rehabilitation and grueling workouts one can only imagine the frustration of having to go through that again.

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