Super Bowl 2013: 5 Funniest Prop Bets

August 7, 2013

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Top 5 Funniest 2013 Super Bowl Prop Bets

Proposition bets are normally a staple of high-stakes gamblers, particularly world-famous poker players. They usually involve huge amounts of money wagered on what amounts to a dare. For example, David Grey once bet Howard Lederer, a notorious vegetarian on the poker scene, that he couldn’t eat a cheeseburger. Another poker player, Brian Zembic, became famous after someone prop bet him that he couldn’t under breast implant surgery and keep them for 6 months. He took the bet and ended up keeping the breast implants – to this day. Prop bets don’t have to involve anything so life-changing though, they can be small wagers on small events. The Super Bowl always throws up loads of chances to make funny prop bets – let’s take a look at a few. It might even give you a few ideas for next year.

How many times will Ray Lewis mention God/Lord on TV post-game?

Ray Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker who spent his entire 17-year career playing for the Baltimore Ravens. He is well-known for being a devout Christian and referencing his faith in postgame interviews – hence the bet about how many times he would bring up the words God and/or Lord. His religious devotion was parodied by Saturday Night Live in a sketch with Kenan Thompson as Lewis claiming he would ascend into heaven if the Ravens won the Super Bowl.

Who will President Obama back to win?

In 2012, when Obama was running for re-election, he didn’t pick a side in that year’s Super Bowl. There was much talk about whether he would choose a team this time round. A good prop bet was that he would once again refuse – it ended up that the White House announced that Obama hadn’t said who he was rooting for. If you’re interested in placing the bet or just looking for odds then check out the following site.

How many mentions will Harbaugh get?

The Super Bowl 2013 was contested by the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. The former are managed by John Harbaugh and the latter by his brother Jim Harbaugh. This was the main focus of the media pre-game with the event being billed as a battle of two brothers. Bovada, an American betting site, offered over/under odds of 20.5 on how many times the name Harbaugh would be said during the game.

Will anybody get arrested before the Super Bowl starts?

This might seem like an odd one, but in July the Washington Post published a list of over 40 NFL players already arrested in 2013. The aforementioned Ray Lewis was arrested for murder in 2000 and it seems that American footballers are no strangers to crime. Of course, arrests are more likely to occur after the Super Bowl has been played but, as with any bet, you never know what might happen.

Highest number of tweets per second?

Prop bets on social media are relatively new in the vast array of possible wagers. The over/under at the time was 17,000 – meaning that if over 17,000 tweets were sent about the Super Bowl in one second then the bookies would pay out to those who bet on more than 17,000.

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