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November 12, 2011

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Okay so it seems that some of you guys (and gals) are looking for a little more help in making the move into online sports betting, now although i only bet on soccer at the moment, you can safely assume that these tips are going to be able to help you with any form of sports betting online.

Obviously i can’t go deep into the methods that i take in order to get just one of the clubs that i look to bet on but i can give you a summary of the rules that i look to stick to in order to ensure that i am placing well placed bets each week.

So without too much delay lets have a look at my top three tips for online betting:

Know the sport that you are betting on

You will be shocked at the number of online sports bettors that place bets based on the odds that are being offered by the bookmakers, not only is this a risky method but it could well leave you finding that you are out of money within just a couple of bets.

I have chosen to only bet on Premier League football as this is something that i not only enjoy but also have a good background knowledge of, meaning that i know the sort of teams that are available for me to bet on as well as their key players that have the chance to make a difference in one moment of genius.

Make sure that you have that same level of understanding too or run the risk of falling flat on your face when it comes to betting online.

Follow the recent news of the sport that you intend to bet on

Lets take the Premier League as an example for this one, there are normally four top clubs that are pushing for the Premier League title and are most likely to win their games on their way up the table but recently there has been a huge shift in power in the league and there are now six teams that all have the potential to win big games.

Look at Manchester United, would you really back them to beat the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool if they were having an injury crisis that saw the likes of Wayne Rooney, David De Gea and Javier Hernandez out of contention for places?

Following the recent news will mean that you have an insight into the teams that the clubs are going to put onto the field of play, meaning that you can work on the previous form of the side that are going to be used, if they are a weaker side then betting on them would carry higher risk.

Don’t bet just for the sake of habit

This is something that a number of sports bettors seem to overlook, there is no rules that say that you have to bet on every game week but yet they place risky bets in order to keep active.

I prefer to have a look over the fixture lists and if there are a number of fixtures that have the potential of being too close to call, i take a backseat and simply sit out of the weeks betting.

Doing that is not wrong in any way, if fact it is better to avoid the games that carry a higher risk or you may as well through your money away and let someone else use it!

That’s it for now but maybe in the close season i will look to share a little more indepth information with you in the form of an ebook with the proofs of my earnings so that you can see if you can make that spare cash into a nice nestegg.

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