Salzburg ponder what might have been

August 1, 2013

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Salzburg ponder what might have been

In a surprising result Salzburg drew against Fenerbahce in the 3rd round of the Champions League qualifying games 1-1. The win may however still be overturned as Fenerbahce is technically a banned team after they were handed a 2 year suspension by UEFA earlier this year for their involvement in a match fixing scandal. The decision now rests with the Court of Arbitration for Sport as the ban was supposedly temporarily overturned by the CAS. The game was therefore a bit of a gamble for the Turkish team and they were as pleased as if they had won the jackpot at with the final result.

The Salzburg team were left to ponder what might have been and although it may seem like a decent result for the FC, Coach Roger Schmidt knew that it could have ended up being so much better. None of FC Salzburg was thrilled with the draw and they were all left feeling slightly bereft. They rather rightly felt they were the better team and that the result was poor, with midfielder Stefan Ilsanker going as far as saying that they created plenty of good chances in the match so he felt they had deserved an outright win.

Salzburg was 1-0 up until the 90th minute when a penalty 5 minutes into added time was snuck through by Cristian to level the field and equal the score. It was a last minute goal that was incredibly frustrating for Salzburg and it seems they are rueing the day they conceded in such a manner. It did allow them to prove their skill against the Turkish team and they are confident they can better this result going forward; its juts hoped that it’s not too little, too late.

Fenerbahce’s visiting coach Ersun Yanal who has been hired to replace Aykut Kocaman admitted that Salzburg is a very capable team and he feared the result of the game due to the threat that they posed. He says that Salzburg’s lack of time wasting in getting forward is intimidating and he was happy that the match ended as a draw as going into extra time he feared his team would be on the losing side.

The result could still change if the arbitration court votes against Fenerbahce, but until then the 1-1 draw remains on the scoreboard.

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